Careers at Bolster

How Bolster differs from traditional consultants

  • We co-create results with our clients in interactive offsite sessions   
  • We integrate company strategy and personal connection 
  • We repeat strategy and execution cycles at high speed, where we facilitate the process and let the client behind the wheel
  • We have internal team offsite’s where we challenge ourselves and reflect in order to grow
  • We work on multiple projects at the same time and cross pollinate our learnings
  • We like to ask ourselves the question 'what are you dreaming of'?

Bolster values

We work ultra focused, razor sharp and with a strong execution power. It’s how we make deep impact. Helping the client to change his game and exceed expectations. To enable this, our team consists of people that have the right intentions.

We don’t believe in egos, but look for those who truly contribute with the team.

At Bolster you get the opportunity, responsibility and space to create results - right from the start.

We care for each other. We give regular feedback and support each other to see clear, keep fresh and stay fit.