Your role

As Senior Consultant, you engage with our clients at senior management level. You build the relationship, create the design and facilitate the journey with the client. You do this together with a team of engaged and experienced colleagues.

You lead the client and your team through the adventure. 

Along the way, true challenges will require your full potential, and the full potential of your team. 

You help clients by focusing on the right direction and actions, developing teams under their leadership and creating the ways of working needed to deliver concrete results. This work impacts the core of the client's business model. The key to delivering this lies in genuine engagement, and building long term relationships with the client.

How Bolster differs from traditional consultants

  • We co-create results with our clients in interactive offsite sessions

  • We integrate company strategy and personal connection

  • We repeat strategy and execution cycles at high speed, where we facilitate the process and let the client behind the wheel

  • We have internal team offsite’s where we challenge ourselves and reflect in order to grow

  • We work on multiple projects at the same time and cross pollinate our learnings

  • We like to ask ourselves the question 'what are you dreaming of'?

What fit's the team?

  • You’re smart and have a strong analytical ability; 

  • You’re a team player with a positive mindset; 

  • You’re eager for feedback and able to absorb it; 

  • You understand and deal with logics of human behaviour;

  • You have the courage to speak out and stay connected; 

  • You can follow; 

  • You are willing to travel;

  • You are able to keep overview and organise yourself; 

  • You actively keep yourself fit.

What can we offer you?

  • A life changing opportunity; 

  • Direct impact at executive level of inspiring companies; 

  • Lead projects with a team of strong and fresh people; 

  • The next level of company transformation; 

  • Seeing, co-developed with Harvard Business School; 

  • Development of your full potential; 

  • Full time job with attractive payment benefits.


Submit your application before Monday, 2 September 2019.

  • At latest on the 10th of September you will receive a response to inform if you are selected to enter the application procedure. 
  • The application procedure consists of 2 rounds. The 1st selection round will be held on 25 September 2019.

For questions please contact Annelouc Best -

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