Harvard Business School

In 1999, Bolster was part of the Global Leadership Initiative at Harvard Business School. This initiative was led by John Kotter, Warren Bennis, Ken Blanchard and Peter Senge.

In close cooperation with Harvard Business school, Bolster developed its central methodology: Seeing®. Praised as the Leadership Model of the 21st century, the methodology has since been successfully tested and applied with hundreds of companies and tens of thousands of individuals.

More about Model Seeing®

When Bolster supports a company, the transformation itself is central. The company doesn’t need to learn or even understand the methodology to be successful. Just like the processor in your computer, it is an enabler that doesn’t need to be visible to work.

But Bolster also provides an intensive program for people who want to learn more. The program develops leadership at all levels, using the Seeing® approach. 

Further reading: The book 'The Power of Insight' describes the elements of seeing. “Outstanding book. It is time that this very good book will see the light of day and inform people all over the world.” – Professor Warren Bennis