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The way we work is ultra focused, razor sharp and powerfully executed.
This is how we make a deep impact and help the client change the game and exceed expectations.
We don’t believe in egos – to make an impact we look for people who truly contribute as part of the team.
At Bolster you get the opportunity, responsibility and space to create results, right from the start.
We share regular feedback and support each other to keep fresh and stay fit.

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Rogier ’t Hooft Rogier ’t Hooft

Rogier works with leaders, directors and managers, supporting them to achieve extraordinary and outstanding results.

Rogier studied Business Administration at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. During his studies, he developed a unique training program for academics, which led to the renewal of one of the university’s programs. Rogier has developed leaders since 1999, and is co-founder of Bolster.

In his daily work, Rogier helps companies with exceptional challenges to achieve outstanding results. He is able to bring sharp focus in complex situations, and he creates strong connections within a company.

Rogier works with small and large groups, inspiring audiences of 7 to 700 people.

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Thomas Beerepoot Thomas Beerepoot

Thomas (1972) is founder of the SEEING® approach that helps companies transform. He has many years of experience in supporting (international) organizations and has been praised highly by customers for the exceptional results he helped them achieve.

He is at his best with brave ambitious leaders and companies. Thomas is an economist (Erasmus University) and developed a leadership model together with Harvard Business School in 2001.

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Peter van Woerkum Peter van Woerkum

Peter is an experienced change manager who connects with leaders and their teams to achieve results in complex situations.

Peter has more than 10 years of experience in advising and managing organizational change and restructuring processes in mid to large corporate environments, particularly in capital-intensive industries. He has a background working in real estate process management at Delft University of Technology and in management consulting at the Rotterdam School of Management.

After working as a consultant for one of the big five firms, he managed various organizational change and restructuring processes at a large global financial institution, most recently as COO for a European leasing business. Peter has worked with and led teams across Europe and is respected for his sincere connection with leaders and teams in difficult circumstances.

Peter, a fanatic cyclist, lives with his family in Amsterdam.

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Annelouc Best Annelouc Best

Annelouc supports transformation in teams and companies, by delivering concrete results. With her enthusiasm and creative mindset, she brings a spark – fun, fresh ideas that work. She easily connects with people from different layers of an organization.

Annelouc completed an MSc in Organizational Change and Consulting at Erasmus University Rotterdam (RSM) and was part of the MBA program at McGill University in Montréal, Canada. She lived and worked in multiple countries (i.e. Thailand, Vietnam and Canada).

She loves to travel and to explore new cultures. Her dream is to drive from Amsterdam to Ho Chi Minh City by car (Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ75). Annelouc loves to be outdoors, is mad about CrossFit and she’s always up for a good coffee.

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Jaap Dirks Jaap Dirks

Jaap is a relationship-oriented change manager with a results-driven and collaborative approach.

After completing his studies in human movement sciences, Jaap was attracted to the dynamics of project and business environments and therefore began his career in consultancy. Jaap then gained a management consulting degree from the Rotterdam School of Management. Working for different consultancy firms, he now has 18 years’ experience in the industry, 13 of which working for a big 4 consulting firm carrying out change and transformation projects for real estate companies. Most recently, Jaap has led the real estate consulting team.

Jaap is a genuine connection builder, brings energy and thrives on seeing projects through to completion. He is respected for his openness and perseverance in complex situations.

Jaap likes to practice several sports especially outdoor activities such as mountain biking, skiing, road cycling and running. Jaap lives with wife, daughter and son in Amsterdam.

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Frans van Loef Frans van Loef

Former CEO with over 20 years experience in business model innovation and implementation, Frans is the driving force behind successfully repositioning various industries.

As an entrepreneur, Frans has three vocational experiences in partnership with Private Equity.

Frans supports organizations looking to sharpen their focus and optimize utilization of capacity.


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Eline Verbruggen Eline Verbruggen

Eline started as our intern and now follows the Seeing® program to become a practitioner and coach in the approach. She provides overall support to the Bolster programs with a youthful, energizing spirit.

Eline graduated in Business Administration with a specialization in leadership and management. Her thesis on leadership and organizational change fueled her enthusiasm about change management and organizational behavior. Ultimately, this led Eline to delve into the world of company transformations as a part of Team-Bolster.

Having lived in four different countries, Eline is a true world-citizen with an open mind who loves to travel and meeting people from all over the world. She keeps her balance by participating in Body & Mind classes as well as in bootcamps. Eline is passionate about food and loves to go skiing.

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Astrid Oversier Astrid Oversier

Astrid supports teams and companies going through a transformation to achieve their goals quickly. With her enthusiasm and genuine approach she easily connects with people.

Astrid lives is in Haarlem, loves cooking and is a wine enthusiast. Her dream is to take a sabbatical every 5 years to travel with her fiancé and kids.

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Iris Berger Iris Berger

Iris has more than 15 years of experience working as a trainer and coach.

Following a career as a stage actress, she now supports companies as a trainer, mediator and coach.

In her work, Iris has the ability to really get in touch with the people she supports. She is strong to connect people and help them learn quickly. Through her years of experience, Iris often sees quickly and sharply what is really going on and than works to an elegant solution.

Iris lives with her family in the beautiful countryside in the east of the Netherlands.

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Jasmina Campochiaro Jasmina Campochiaro

Jasmina holds an MA in Architecture and has 15 years of experience in international environments. She is a very determined and creative professional who successfully engages with people. In a natural way she brings people closer to enable a constructive and focused way of working.

Jasmina supports clients in getting connected within a group by making use of behavioural patterns and addresses the full potential of individuals.

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Ben Sonnemans Ben Sonnemans

Ben is an intuitive connector, using his natural skills to built trust in an authentic way. He always strives for improving and continuous learning, he inspires people with sport and business lessons, with the spirit of a stand-up-comedy artist.

Ben is an Olympic hero, without a medal. His thoughts and insights are shaped through InHolland Business School (Haarlem), the international world of high performance sports and international business.

A big man, with an even bigger heart, always seeking for the good in people. His dream is to run a wine&tapas bar in the city of Haarlem. Ben loves 'throwing' people, on the judo tatami or on the rugby field.

All comes together, right here right now...

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Hans Bruns Hans Bruns

Hans is Bolster’s local Guide for our personal leadership and team experience programs in Austria.

Hans (1974) is an entrepreneur, mountaineer and experienced IT-Executive. Hans is passionate about inspiring people whilst being in nature. He dedicates his time and energy to develop people in their entrepreneurship and leadership using the elements of his homebase: the Austrian mountains.

Hans built the first 10 years of his career as an IT-Executive in an international Telco, leading big programs and large teams within a highly volatile organization.

At the age of 33, Hans and his wife, Nel, decided to pursue their lifelong dream and built their hospitality concept ‘De Berghut’. In 8 years’ time Hans built a well-known and rewarded hospitality brand. Hans also became a licensed mountaineering guide and developed his skills in coaching people with various backgrounds and ambitions, such as writers, teams and entrepreneurs.

In 2015, Hans switched his business model from running his own hospitality business to guiding emigrating entrepreneurs in establishing their dream in creating a commercial viable hospitality concept.

Hans still owns De Berghut and extended his facilities with a small authentic wooden Alpine hut from where programs for executives and teams to experience challenges within nature and themselves are hosted.

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Katharina Janauschek Katharina Janauschek

Katharina is a highly experienced Human Resources Professional with a major in Business Psychology. Over the last 15 years, six of those in Australia, the Netherlands and Norway, she worked as HR Manager, Cross Cultural Trainer, Business Coach and University Lecturer. Employed by three global corporations within the paper & packaging, hospitality and FMCG industry she gained strong expertise in leadership & talent development, change, restructuring and performance management.

A high degree of motivation, enthusiasm and drive strengthen her ability to take initiative, quickly connect to people and to focus on both organisational and the individual effectiveness. Her aspiration is to inspire leaders on all levels by supporting them to become the best version of themselves.

She lives with her family near Vienna, Austria.

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